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Explore our range of versatile profiles, each designed to withstand the harshest conditions, offering durability, stability and a wide range of design options. Whether for construction, decorating or landscaping projects, we are here to provide you with the solutions you need, while taking care of our planet.

Our profiles represent Rodmarle's commitment to quality, durability and respect for the environment.

Our recycled plastic profiles offer a number of notable advantages.

These are products that resist time and the elements, guaranteeing a long useful life and low maintenance.


We offer recycled plastic profiles in four attractive colors: black, light brown, dark brown and gray.

We incorporate high-quality dyes during the extrusion process, ensuring the color remains vivid and resistant to UV rays over time.


This technique ensures long-lasting color, avoiding the need for repainting and reducing maintenance.

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Our innovative profiles combine the robustness of recycled plastic with the classic aesthetics of wood.


Featuring visual knots characteristic of wood, the profiles have a smooth finish that is soft to the touch.


Superior durability and simplified maintenance make them the ideal choice for those who value functionality and sustainable design.

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