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Recycled Plastic Lawn Grid

Rodmarle is proud to present its innovative Grass Grid, an ecological and efficient solution for urban and community green spaces. Made entirely from recycled plastic, this grill is a perfect example of practical sustainability and smart design.


  • Features

    • Dimensions: Each piece of the grill measures 29cm x 20cm, with a robust thickness of 4mm, ensuring durability and resistance.
    • Sustainable Material: Produced with 100% recycled plastic, it contributes to the reduction of plastic waste and supports environmental sustainability efforts.
    • Efficient Design: The grid structure is designed to facilitate the growth and maintenance of the lawn, allowing water and nutrients to pass through, whilst providing a solid and stable foundation.
    • Easy Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, the Rodmarle lawn grid is designed for quick and simple installation, suitable for a variety of applications.

    Product Benefits:

    • Lawn Strengthening: Ideal for areas with pedestrian traffic, grates protect lawn roots, reducing soil compaction and promoting healthy grass growth.
    • Erosion Control: Prevents soil erosion in sloped areas subject to washing.
    • Versatility: Suitable for parks, gardens, walking paths, green parking lots and more.
    • Visual Sustainability: It maintains the natural aesthetics of the environment, while promoting a strong and lasting infrastructure.

    Environmental Commitment:

    • By choosing Rodmarle's Lawn Grid, you are opting for a product that not only improves the quality of green spaces, but also demonstrates a tangible commitment to preserving the environment.

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