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Rodmarle's Advanced Community Composter!

Rodmarle proudly presents a composter that is not only synonymous with sustainability, but also with technological innovation. A giant step towards a greener and more interconnected future.

Can be used as a chest.


  • Features

    • Eco-Innovation: Each composter is made with 100% recycled plastic, rescued from landfills, reflecting our commitment to the circular economy.
    • Customizable Design: Available in three sophisticated colors - brown, black and gray - to blend harmoniously into any urban environment.
    • Versatile Assembly: Thanks to the male-female fitting parts, assembly and access to the contents become a simple and intuitive task.
    • Integrated Technology: Equipped with real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, allowing optimized composting adapted to current conditions.
    • Advanced Security: It has an RFID access system, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the composter. Furthermore, an integrated GPS provides additional traceability and security.
    • Autonomous Energy: A built-in solar panel guarantees self-consumption of energy for all of the composter's electronic systems, including the electric lock. In this way, we further promote sustainability and energy independence.
    • Durability and Responsibility: The robust fixing points, created from recycled plastic from automotive waste, prevent the presence of heavy metals and guarantee the composter's resistance to time and continuous use.

    Perfect For:

    • Parks and leisure areas
    • Urban public spaces
    • Private gardens and courtyards
    • School and business facilities


    • Length - 1000mm
    • Width - 1000mm
    • Height - 1000mm
    • Capacity: 1000L
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