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Container protection made from recycled plastic

The guards with identity motifs, made of recycled plastic, will contribute to a significant improvement of the landscape and aesthetic harmonization with the other heritage and landscape elements present in the different locations.

These are mixed plastic raw materials that have no use in industry and for which there is no recycling option, which in turn would end up in landfills.

Due to the environmental conditions and sustainability itself, another objective was to find solutions with greater ecological efficiency.

100% recycled plastic profiles are, on the one hand, important for environmental sustainability as they improve the quality of life of current and future generations, prevent waste from being sent to landfill and, on the other hand, avoid the felling of trees and stone extraction.

The aim of this solution was to achieve not only excellent ecological efficiency but also sustainability, and since the raw material is plastic, its durability is superior to other materials on the market.

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