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Rectangular Profiles in Recycled Plastic – Versatility in Colors and Dimensions

Discover our innovative line of rectangular profiles in recycled plastic, available in four elegant colors: black, light brown, dark brown and gray. Designed to adapt to a variety of applications, these profiles combine durability with appealing aesthetics.


  • Features


    • Variety of Dimensions: We offer a wide range of sizes, both in sections and lengths, to perfectly suit your specific project.
    • Dimensional Tolerance: We understand that precision is key. The dimensions of our profiles can vary by up to 2%, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in various applications.
    • Long-lasting, UV-Resistant Colors: Choose between black, light brown, dark brown and gray, knowing that the color of your profile will resist time and the elements.
    • Sustainable Material: Made from 100% recycled plastic, these profiles are an ecologically responsible choice, in line with sustainability practices.

    Ideal for a variety of uses, from architectural constructions to landscaping applications, our recycled plastic profiles are the perfect solution for those looking for quality, sustainability and versatility.

    Choose the profile that best suits your project and contribute to a greener future!

  • Condições de Entrega

    A Entrega é realizadas em paletes personalizadas, cintadas com dimensões de comprimento entre 2,4 a 3,9 metros.

    A Descarga é realizada pelo cliente, as viaturas de transporte serão usados semireboques de logísticas.

    Cada palete têm um peso maximo estipulado de 1200kg

  • Prazo de entrega

    Prazo de entrega:

    até 100 unidades - 2 semanas

    Até 500 unidades -  3 semanas

    Até 1000 unidades - 4 Semanas

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